Full Stack Mobile Development.  Have you heard of it?  Do you know what it is?  If you haven’t, please continue reading to find out.  First let’s break this down.  What does “Full Stack” mean?  Let me explain.  When it comes to web & mobile apps, there are two sides that build up the application as a whole.  You have “Front End” and the “Back End”.  The front end is what you see on your screen and the back end is handling all the logic and database tasks in the background (what you don’t see).  So now that you know what those two terms mean, you should have a basic understanding of what “Full Stack” means.  Full Stack is simply both front & back end technologies working together to build an application.  A person that calls themselves a “Full Stack Developer” is saying they are well versed and comfortable in using both front & back end technologies.  They can style things using the best CSS practices and at the same time can write complex logic on the server side.


Mobile Development

Now let’s talk about what exactly mobile development is.  Mobile development is almost like web development, the main difference is mobile development is targeted for any mobile device.  That can range from phones, tablets, and iPads.  You can think of these apps as the desktop software we use to use back in the day.  Like I mentioned earlier, mobile apps have two sides that make up the whole application, the front and the back end.  Now you can probably guess what Full Stack Mobile Development is now.  If you still can’t connect the dots, allow me to connect them for you.  Full Stack Mobile Development focuses on dealing with API’s, databases, and application logic on the back end, while displaying and formatting data properly on the screen using front end technologies.

Another thing to know about mobile development is that there are 2 major platforms you want to focus on.  That is iOS and Android.  Both of these platforms are great in their own ways.  Android is open source and the rules are a little less strict when it comes to deploying your app to their store.  On the other hand, Apple is more private and has a very strict process for submitting apps to their App Store.  If you new to mobile development, I suggest learning iOS development.  The reason I suggest iOS development is because it is easier to learn the language and simply because I am not a fan of using Java which is Android’s programming language.  Either way, don’t stress too much on which to pick.  Either one is a good choice and can be a very lucrative career.



Ok now let’s review.  Full Stack Mobile Development focuses on server side technologies such as databases, api’s, and application logic and it also focuses on how to properly display and format the data on the screen.  Now that you know this, we can go deeper with learning different back end technologies that builds mobile applications.  Stay tuned and make sure to read the next post!