Recently, I have been trying to find ways to become better at programming. Being in this field you have to always keep your skills sharp and add to your skill set on top of that.  To me, that’s what makes programming fun.  There is an endless amount of things you can learn in the programming world.


My goal for the year was to become a stronger Javascript developer.  So far, with my interest in React Native, I can say I’m better than I was last year, but I don’t want to settle, I want to get as good as I can at this stuff.  I ran across the #Javascript30 challenge that seems pretty cool.  Basically you build 30 project in 30 days using pure Javascript.  This is interesting to me because I been reading that it is important to get a good grasp on plain Javascript before hoping on all these new frameworks/libraries.  Having the knowledge of plain Javascript can help you understand what going on underneath the hood and it helps with debugging issues on those new frameworks.


Anyway, my goal is to have a blog post for each project/day so hopefully someone else can learn from this experience.  Keep a look out for Day 1: Drum Kit