App Developer

How I Got In Computers & Coding

Not too long ago I began this journey to learn how to code website and apps.  Three years later, I have a handful of clients that I’ve built websites for and also depend on me for their website needs, I’m working on a cool mobile app side project that I’m excited about completing and launching, and I’m working full-time as a web developer at a creative digital agency.  As you can see, quite a bit has happened since then and I’m more than grateful for all the lessons that where learned along the way.  The one thing that I can say that has been consistent throughout that time is, I’ve always stayed curious and wanted to learn the best practices on doing things and I always wanted to help people with their website.  And sometimes helping people meant doing a lot of free work.  Which at the time, I didn’t mind doing because I was gaining valuable experience.  Some of those same people that I’ve done free work has helped me get paying clients that I still work with today.  Starting out, I strongly believe you should just say yes to whatever people are asking you so that you can gain experience and learn what to do and what not to do in certain situations.  You’ll also learn an another important skill and that is how to communicate with people on a business professional level.


Back to why I got into computers and coding

I’ve always enjoyed putting things togethers.  I can remember when I was younger I loved getting the toys that you can put together.  I can also remember always taking toys apart (breaking them) so I could see what the inside looked like and how it worked.  I think doing those thing as a kid prepared me for the type of thinking you need to be a programmer.  As time went on and I got older, the toys started to become electronics/gadgets.  If you grew up in the 90’s, then I’m sure you are familiar with Gameboy Color, electronic organizers (which I didn’t need as kid but was just cool to have), and palm pilots.  Then came the cell phone, well at least the camera cell phone, which was a huge deal back then.  Having my own phone exposed me to a lot of technological things because it was like a computer in my pocket.  Whenever I got an iPhone, that’s when I got into the software side of things.  That’s when I got curious with jailbreaking and making my phone look different from everyone else’s and it interested me a lot.  Then I got an Android phone and enjoyed being able to root the phone and have full control over it.  Messing with the kernels, even though I didn’t know what I was doing.  I believe all this piqued my interest in learning how to code websites and build mobile apps.  Sometimes I feel bad for people that haven’t found that thing they love to do and can do all day.  A way I was able to find out was to look back at what I did as a kid and figure out what I enjoyed doing the most.  And I also tried to think of something I would do for people for free.  Those two things lead me to doing computers and coding and I’m happy I made that decision.