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What To Do About Hosting Your Website

So you are excited about the new website your about to launch.  You’ve just purchased a domain along with a beautiful theme.  You think you are finished but you forgot one crucial thing about having a website, and that is hosting.  How are you going to host your brand new website?  Of course there are many solutions out there that will solve that problem.  But being able to choose what is best for your site is very important to your websites success.  You want to make sure your website is fast, secure, and rarely experiences any downtime.  That way, your visitors will have a great experience using your site.  To achieve this, its best to use a cloud hosting service like Digital Ocean.  With Digital Ocean you can create servers pretty quickly.  You can also configure them any way you want which gives you more freedom than your other hosting companies. And since Digital Ocean is pretty much a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about sharing resources from other sites like you do with shared hosting plans.

If you serious about giving your website visitors the best possible experience on your website, I suggest you switch your hosting to a cloud hosting company and enjoy having the freedom of having your own server.  If you are interested in moving your website to Digital Ocean just reach out to me and if you have questions, leave comments below!