Ever since the conception of the App Store (July 10, 2008), people from all over the world has tried to achieve success with building mobile applications. During that time, the chances of creating a successful app where much higher because everything was so new.  People would download anything.  I’m sure a lot of people have made a good living by creating a simple to do app.  Nine years later the App Store is more competitive that it’s even been. On a day to day basis there are roughly 1000 apps being submitted to the App Store which means it’s not so easy to make a living with any kind of app. Now a days your app has to be designed beautifully, function properly, and most importantly SOLVE A PROBLEM/NEED for the user.  If your app isn’t making the users life more simpler or saves them time then you can almost guarantee your app will fail.

The way to avoid wasting time building an app nobody would ever use is to VALIDATE YOUR IDEA.  Validating your idea does a couple things for you. When you validate your idea, you are basically saying “If I build this app I know people will want it and will buy it”.   And the way you know that is because you actually went out to find your potential customers and you asked them!  Another thing validating your idea does is help you see how the customer thinks. It helps you understand them a bit more. A customer may bring up something you didn’t necessarily think of at first. Understanding your customer is very important when it comes to building an app that people would love and most importantly buy.

If people are saying yes to your app idea and are excited about the idea then you know there is some interest there.  It’s best to figure out if that potential customer would actually use your app.  If your really serious about this, see if people would give an email address to notify them when the app is available. If you can get people to do that then you know your on to something.

Overall, validating your idea is very important in the early stages of building an mobile app. The main reasons it’s important is because it saves you time and money and you know you won’t be building an app that nobody wants.